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Artist in Residence Jeannine Cook at the Musée des Arts Naïfs et Populaires de Noyers

Come to the Musée des Arts Naïfs et Populaires de Noyers this weekend to see an exhibition of new metalpoint work by Jeannine Cook. Currently in residence at La Porte Peinte, Jeannine will speak about metalpoint and her Burgundy inspirations on Saturday 19 and Sunday 20 September at 4 pm. Her work may also be seen at La Porte Peinte.

Mark your calendars: Meaner Pencil to perform in Noyers on 19 September

If Nico, Patti Smith and Joanna Newsom were planning a tea party, they might invite Meaner Pencil along as a fourth. Sylvia Beloc We're thrilled to announce an upcoming performance by Meaner Pencil, otherwise known as Lenna Pierce. See her website for music samples and to find out more about this exceptional artist.

Artist in Residence Tanya Ziniewicz, Work in Progress

Artist in residence Tanya Ziniewicz' work in progress is thrilling, full of lyrical force.

Anthony Wright, Work in Progress

American artist in residence Anthony Wright has been at La Porte Peinte for nearly a month working on sculptures and drawings that respond to and reinterpret the landscape, whether natural or man-made. Stop by La Porte Peinte to see some of the powerful work he's done while here. Here, some shots of work in progress.

Interview with upcoming artist in residence Tanya Ziniewicz

Visual artist Tanya Ziniewicz arrives for her residency in a few days. Read here about her practice.

Rebecca Tennenbaum Open Studio / Atelier Ouvert

Notre artiste en résidence Rebecca Tennenbaum vous invite à passer voir ses nouvelles oeuvres, une série qui s'intitule Sous-marins & Satellites, compositions vives toutes en transparences et couches lumineuses. Our artist in residence Rebecca Tennenbaum is delighted to invite you to come see her new works in a series called Submarines & Satellites, vibrant compositions constructed of luminous layers and transparencies. [...]

Persimmons, Mirabelle Plums, and a Garden of Inspired Stitchery

Pendant que Kum Joo Ahn enseignait l'art textile coréen dans la galerie, créant de la beauté inspiré par les fruits et les fleurs, au jardin le bambou s'est mis à s'étendre dramatiquement, pour la première fois le plaqueminier à donné des centaines de petits kaki, et des mirabelles se sont présentées en masse sur leur [...]

See Kubra Khademi in performance on 13 June at 5 pm

Apprenez l’art coréen du textile avec Kum Joo Ahn

La semaine prochaine, on accueille Kum Joo Ahn comme artiste en résidence. Pendant son séjour, on fera une exposition éphémère de ses oeuvres entre le 16 et le 19 juin. Aussi, elle va enseigner l'art de bojagi dans deux stages. Son travail contemporain se base dans les techniques traditionnels de patchwork, broderie, et la couture à [...]

Watch the reading of Honeymouth, a poem by Gerry van der Linden

Poem Read by Becky Shrimpton From Wild Sound Festival Review The same site offers this interview with the poet Gerry van der Linden: 1) What is the theme of your poem? Theme of the poem: different worlds, same people. Universal reality. 2) How would you like people to respond when they read or watch your [...]