Accepting applications for work-exchange artist residencies

We are now taking applications for two 3-month work-exchange residencies. Candidates, who may be artists, writers, musicians, photographers or architects, must possess solid knowledge of construction, plumbing, and electrics, for renovation work on our medieval half-timbered building in Burgundy, France. The residency period may fall between 1 November 2016 and 1 April 2017. Interested parties, please contact us at

Atelier Ouvert: Susan Tonkin Riegel

Nous sommes ravis de vous inviter à La Porte Peinte le mercredi 5 octobre entre 10h et 13h pour voir les oeuvres en cours de Susan Tonkin Riegel, notre artiste-peintre en résidence depuis un mois. Son travail ludique, semi-abstrait, offre des paysages habités par des êtres de toutes sortes, des motifs flottants, des structures mystérieux, [...]

Atelier Ouvert: Stacy Kamin

Ce samedi 24 septembre, nous vous invitons à passer voir les oeuvres en cours de l'artiste-peintre Stacy Kamin. Ses oeuvres en huile, gouache, et aquarelle au rendu superbe sont inspirées par la vie de tous les jours à Noyers sur Serein. Come to the Porte Peinte on 24 September for a look at Los Angeles painter Stacy Kamin's [...]

Atelier Ouvert: Daniel van Benthuysen

Ce samedi, venez voir les aquarelles de Daniel van Benthuysen, artiste en résidence à La Porte Peinte. Visit Daniel van Benthuysen's open studio this Saturday for a look at the watercolours he's been working on during his residency at La Porte Peinte.        

Learn to make paper flowers with Momoca Usagi

Momoca will be teaching two workshops in paper flower making, one using origami techniques, and the other inspired by flower offerings and ornaments she saw in Catholic churches in Oaxaca.

Upcoming Open Studio with Sed Miles

We are excited to announce photographer Sed Miles' open studio event coming up in a couple of weeks. This is the culmination of two months of work in residence, and part of a bigger project he launched in 2010. It's wonderful work, loaded with compassion and an intimate sense of the universal in humanity.  

Help The Wine Project travel to Edinburgh

We watched Sacha Copland begin to create Java Dance Theatre's wondrous The Wine Project when she was at La Porte Peinte as a dancer-in-residence, dancing in the vineyards and atop a wine barrel donated by a local wine producer. Even in its nascent form it was compelling and magical. It has since dazzled audiences all [...]

Register now for a May writing workshop with Carla Drysdale

Crossing the threshold: writing one’s way into forbidden landscapes of feeling Carla Drysdale In this three-day workshop designed to generate new writing, we will take as our touchstone and guide Rumi’s words “The breeze at dawn has secrets to tell you./Don’t go back to sleep.” How do we cross Rumi’s “doorsill where the two worlds [...]

Jeannine Cook celebrates “Burgundia” in metalpoint

Metalpoint artist Jeannine Cook has now graced La Porte Peinte with her inspired and inspiring presence during four residencies, in the process becoming a confirmed member of the far-flung and tightly-knit La Porte Peinte family. We are delighted to be welcoming her back again in 2016, and eager to see the ongoing development of the new body of work she [...]

Christine Conley’s animation The Search selected for Indie Memphis

We are thrilled to learn that 2014 artist-in-residence Christine Conley's brilliant short animation The Search is an official selection at the 2015 Indie Memphis Film Festival. We are proud that this creation was conceived at La Porte Peinte! Christine came to La Porte Peinte to focus on learning Flash animation and to complete a short animation. She completed the first [...]