Persimmons, Mirabelle Plums, and a Garden of Inspired Stitchery

Pendant que Kum Joo Ahn enseignait l'art textile coréen dans la galerie, créant de la beauté inspiré par les fruits et les fleurs, au jardin le bambou s'est mis à s'étendre dramatiquement, pour la première fois le plaqueminier à donné des centaines de petits kaki, et des mirabelles se sont présentées en masse sur leur [...]

See Kubra Khademi in performance on 13 June at 5 pm

Apprenez l’art coréen du textile avec Kum Joo Ahn

La semaine prochaine, on accueille Kum Joo Ahn comme artiste en résidence. Pendant son séjour, on fera une exposition éphémère de ses oeuvres entre le 16 et le 19 juin. Aussi, elle va enseigner l'art de bojagi dans deux stages. Son travail contemporain se base dans les techniques traditionnels de patchwork, broderie, et la couture à [...]

Watch the reading of Honeymouth, a poem by Gerry van der Linden

Poem Read by Becky Shrimpton From Wild Sound Festival Review The same site offers this interview with the poet Gerry van der Linden: 1) What is the theme of your poem? Theme of the poem: different worlds, same people. Universal reality. 2) How would you like people to respond when they read or watch your [...]

Help artist Jeannine Cook achieve her Hatchfund goal!

Jeannine Cook, who was twice an artist in residence at La Porte Peinte in 2014, will be coming back in 2015 to undertake a fascinating metalpoint project linking the ancient artistic technique with the Chablisien terroir, specifically the mineral-rich earth that is so important to the production of the area's wines. To support the project, [...]

Beau texte sur les œuvres de Véronique LaFont

Sandra Detourbet écrit éloquemment sur ses œuvres dans Vivre l'Art magazine. Lire le texte ici . Vous pouvez voir les œuvres de Véronique à La Porte Peinte -- elles sont éblouissantes, lumineuses et spirituelles. Come see Véronique LaFont's powerful, luminous, soulful canvases at La Porte Peinte.  

Poet Carla Drysdale to read in Geneva on 10 April

Carla, poet in residence at La Porte Peinte in 2014, will be giving a reading at the Payot bookstore in Geneva. For more information.

Jennifer Yorke exhibition, Pink on Pink, in Evanston

In this solo exhibition awarded by the jurors of the 2014 Evanston and Vicinity Biennial, see 26 recent collages by Jennifer Yorke and a site-specific installation she made to celebrate the Evanston Art Center’s history—and final exhibition—in the beautiful Harley Clark Mansion. In the artist's own words, "Come and see the forces of decay, renewal, desire and repulsion at [...]

Lorene Anderson’s Landscape Multiverse show in San Francisco

Lorene Anderson's new exhibition opens at K. Imperial Fine Art in San Francisco tomorrow -- Lorene was an artist in residence at La Porte Peinte in 2014, and the luminous abstract paintings being shown were inspired by the Burgundy landscapes around Noyers. It's very exciting to see her small studies turn into big, graceful, emphatic paintings! Reception: Thursday April [...]

A Flash Fiction Workshop with Ann Tashi Slater, 17 – 21 August 2015

This five-day workshop focuses on the short story, with special attention paid to flash fiction (about 300-1000 words). Enrollment deadline: end May For more information Read Ann's recent HuffPost piece on writing and solitude. "Writing is a solitary pursuit. There's something of the loneliness of the long distance runner in it. It often feels like [...]