Erica Anderson was born on the 10th September 1956 in Penzance, Cornwall, in England. Her family background is Scandinavian/Cornish and closely linked to the sea, mining and Africa. She was educated in Dorset and spent several years living and working in London before getting married. With her husband and family, she moved from Oxford to live first in Havana, Cuba, then Andalusia, Spain. She returned to England in 2001, where she renewed her interest in art and photography, gaining a Foundation Diploma and Foundation Degree in Contemporary Fine Art from Bournemouth University. Her work has been shown at various locations in England. Erica’s work was shown in a solo exhibition Point de Vue (Tide and Torso) at La Porte Peinte in August 2012.

Living close to the sea for most of my childhood, I realized in many ways we have never left the sea, we are still ‘of ‘the sea in temperament and form, so glimpses of landscape and sea have a way of seeping into my predominantly abstract drawings of the figure, such as Hold Tight and Dream.

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