Simone Rubi has a background in graphic design and songwriting, but her work encompasses installation, music performance, 3-D crafts, web design, video art, gardening, and cooking. An identical twin who grew up shuttling between Southern California and Switzerland, Rubi has always been interested in how people connect to each other. She calls her work “conceptual craft” and uses color, thread, paper, wood, gold leaf, and polaroids, along with two-dimensional imagery, to design and manipulate the world around her. Rubi has exhibited and performed (in the band ‘Rubies’ and ‘Call and Response ») in nightclubs, museums, galleries, beaches, forests, and living rooms across the world, including NYC, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Berlin, Tokyo, Paris, Stockholm, Bergen, London, Toronto, and Santa Barbara. She lives in Marfa, Texas. She participated in the La Porte Peinte show CaliforNoyers in 2011.

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