Chris Gosling is an artist blacksmith based in mid-Staffordshire in England. He specialises in interior sculptural functional pieces. In much of his work he has taken inspiration from the natural world, in particular the growth of plants. His pieces, which are often on a fairly small scale, communicate the delicacy and power of nature. Contemporary, innovative and appealing, every component of the work is hand-forged and totally unique. Chris expects each of his pieces to last a lifetime; if well looked after, it will give beauty to many future generations. At La Porte Peinte, Chris’s passiflora-inspired candlesticks have been in our gallery from the very beginning. For us, they are brilliant evocations of what we like to call the modern-medieval aesthetic.

The tendrils of plants such as sweet peas and the growth of ferns provide an endless variety of shapes, with an emphasis on spirals and twists. I can reproduce this by drawing out a piece of steel using traditional forging techniques, and then twisting it into unique shapes, mirroring the unique nature of each plant. Images of plant growth provide the real life shapes that I aspire to reproduce in metal.

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