Following a 25-year career as a gallery curator, Jane Bevan returned to university to study craft,  focussing on sustainability and innovation.  She now works as an artist, using found natural materials from local woodlands. She exhibits in galleries and festivals in the UK, and  runs a programme of educational workshops for schools and adult education. In 2013 she wrote ‘Craft using Natural Materials’, published by Bloomsbury Publishing, and a short film about her work was recently made by Devon Guild of Craftsmen.

Jane Bevan is a lifelong collector and an artist with a passion for English woodlands. Walking and exploring daily amongst ancient trees near her home in central England, she gathers interesting and eye catching materials to carry home and transform into artworks.

Jane uses these thorns, fragments of bark, seeds, feathers and acorn cups to create hand-stitched, tied and intricately assembled vessels, sculptures and 2D collage. Using natural materials with all their their tiny imperfections and irregularities reflects Jane’s interest in Japanese aesthetics and in the simplicity of natural form.

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