Jonny Sender is an American DJ, musician and educator living in France near Geneva. He was a musician in residence during the summer of 2014. Describing his work, he says, “I’ve been slamming records together, DJing in the dark basements and clubs of New York City since the early 1980’s while I was playing bass in Konk. Described as the musical juggernaut of downtown Manhattan, Konk was front and center when disco and hip-hop was colliding with the post-punk and electronic underground. Playing many gigs at clubs including Mudd Club and Danceteria, but it was Konk‘s gigs and repeated visits to the Larry Levan’s Paradise Garage and The Loft that showed me the musical way forward. My music production as well as my Djing is rooted in the electronic underground mixed with the rhythmic power of funk, disco and the Afro-Caribbean musical legacies.”

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