Zazie Sazonoff was born in Paris in 1964. After getting her degree at the Ecole Estienne, she became a free-lance art director for styling and communications agencies. As a graphic designer, she produces posters, album covers, and visual identities for the cultural sector. As an author-illustrator, she has created ten children’s books published by Mila, Rouergue, Mango, and Palette.  A two-time recipient of Prix Octogones, Zazie also leads workshops for children. As an artist, Zazie makes assemblages using found objects that draw the viewer into worlds that are sometimes colourful and festive, sometimes sombre and oniric. Her work has been shown in galleries and museums in Tokyo, Munich, Paris, Dijon and Lille. Zazie participated in CaliforNoyers. Her work is now being shown as part of the exhibition quotidiæn. Her books and other multiples are permanently shown for sale at La Porte Peinte.

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