Producer, composer, multi-instrumentalist Jordan Dalrymple is a member of the musical groups Antonionian, 13 & God (Themselves + Notwist) and General Elektriks.  A native Californian, Jordan comes from a family of performers – Dad is a concert percussionist, Mom is a singer and Grandpa was a circus trampolinist.  He has been obsessed with music since an early age:  playing, recording, manipulating, and sampling.  After touring extensively with the group Subtle from 2005 to 2009, Jordan released his first solo LP as Antonionian on Discograph/Anticon.  In addition, he and his Subtle bandmates Doseone, Jel and Dax Pierson went on to record the sophomore 13 & God LP Own Your Ghost.  Jordan was a musician in residence at La Porte Peinte in 2011, when he participated in the exhibition CaliforNoyers.


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