Julie de Trazegnies was a young Peruvian writer, author of several children’s books and the short story collection Maldita Sea. She was a writer in residence at La Porte Peinte during the summer of 2013. During her three months with us, she worked very hard to complete her next book. While she was in France, Julie was overjoyed to learn that one of her stories had been chosen for an anthology of the best Peruvian writing of the previous ten years. Despite having endured great tragedies in her life, she was a wonderfully vivacious and joyous presence, forging warm friendships with many of those she met during her time in Noyers. Upon returning to Lima after the residency, she learned that she was gravely ill. Despite the best medical care and a period of improved health, it was with great sorrow that we learned that Julie succumbed to her illness in February of 2015.

An Interview with the Author

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