I am the nomad

The reminder of soul

In what is becoming a formula

Don’t be afraid, try that thing out, sing silly things in the shower.

Doodle on papers, dance in your pyjamas, laugh at silly jokes.

Remember little-you, because he/she wants you to.

Wake up and help others do the same.

Don’t stand for being overworked

Don’t stand to being lied to about radiation

Don’t stand to being sold objects.

Enjoy your nature

Enjoy peace

Don’t let them scare you.

Write that book

Paint more pictures.

Your ideas, creating them, is what makes you real and not just empty thoughts.

Remind your heart of the happiness and sweet sadness of experiencing all of it.

Feel the most alive and awake before you die and help others leave you behind.

Sarah is an illustrator currently living in Japan. Her media and techniques include Photoshop, Final Cut Pro, Dragon, collage, painting, drawing, animation, and clay sculpture.

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