Al studied at the Whitney School of Art in New York, The Honolulu Academy of Art in Hawaii, and the University of Hawaii. His studies have also included Chado (the Japanese Tea Ceremony), in the Urasenke tradition from where I received a Jun kyo jo degree (asst professorship). His works have exhibited both nationally and internationally, and are in collections worldwide. He now lives and works in Santa Rosa with wife and fellow painter Chiyomi Taneike Longo. Al and Chiyomi were artists in residence at La Porte Peinte in 2014.

Most of my works are my personal abstracted response to my natural surroundings, an expression of my interest in the microcosmic forms of nature. For many years I have been a student of Japanese arts and culture, coupled with my Italian background I have co-mingled these divergent cultures along with my interest in architecture. Most of my canvases are shaped; convex, multi-level or a combination of both. They are a reflection of both my visual and spiritual vision of the world.

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