Painting Portraits from the Model
Stacy Kamin

We are delighted to offer a painting workshop led by the accomplished painter Stacy Kamin. Not only is she blessed with an extraordinary talent, but she is a natural teacher who excels at imparting technical knowledge and inspiring students. Her patience, generosity and sense of joie de vivre encourage a relaxed atmosphere, making learning a pleasure. In this workshop, a maximum of ten students will learn a direct approach for painting a portrait from life. The fundamentals of painting to be taught will include: 
• composition
• organising the palette; choosing colours
• colour mixing
• value studies
• the application of paint
• the indication of shapes — the key to simplification
• when to use hard or soft edges
• exploring colour: how to see accurate colour relationships; colour theory basics; how to see colour temperature (learn how to paint the colour of the light)
• how to make beautiful, lively brush strokes 
• portrait construction via planes and values
Stacy will give demonstrations and offer individual instruction with one-on-one critiques, teaching a variety of techniques for producing a convincing head or clothed figure study. Students will undertake thorough investigation of the forms of the head and learn how to make them come together as an integrated whole. Instruction will focus on drawing, values, edges, planes of the head and composition. Finally, students will learn about concept, or how to develop a visual idea.

Comments from one of Stacy’s students:
I am writing this enthusiastic endorsement for Stacy Kamin, in both her capacity as an artist and for her unique skills as a teacher of art. I have had the privilege and joy of taking lessons from her for over two years. As an art major in college and graduate school, I have wanted to improve my skills in painting and drawing. I have had the opportunity to work with several teachers. Never, however, has a teacher stirred my creative drive, as well as taught me the fundamentals of a specific medium (in my case, oil painting) in such meaningful depth, as has Stacy. Stacy is not only a gifted artist, but she is able to imbue her lessons, even when they include basic fundamentals (i.e., palette mixing, color, lighting, etc.) with her gently patient, enthusiastic, yet extremely knowledgeable teaching methods. Stacy has sustained and amplified my enthusiasm in painting, as well as exponentially improved my art. My lessons with Stacy have been, and continue to be, the highlight of every week!

Tuition fee: 600€. Accommodation at LPP: €78 – €120 per night, depending on room size. Those who wish to stay at LPP are advised to book early, as room availability is limited. Accommodation elsewhere in the village must be booked separately, and availability and fees vary widely. Deadline for signing up: 1 March 2017


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