In just a couple of weeks working in our garden studio, artist-in-residence Valerie Powell has created a beguiling series of 2D and 3D pieces as part of her {re}visit….revisiting places i’ve never been project. Here’s what she says about the endeavour:

Lately I have been thinking about what it means to really be familiar with something, someone or some place. I have grown up hearing stories {great stories} and learning about specific places through the memories and impressions of others. This has proved helpful, but I want more. I want the opportunity to respond to these places that I have been introduced to {via stories and photos} in order to capture a fresh and personal response…in real-life. I am interested in physically exploring these familiar locations with the intent of {re}thinking, {re}examining, and {re}personalizing iconic places familiar to us all. As an artist, I “unpack” ideas visually and am excited to create a new body of work {drawings, paintings and small sculptures} focusing around the idea of becoming truly familiar with something, some one or some place. En route to an artist residency in France, I hope to visit and generate work {drawings, paintings + sculptures} inspired by the following locations: Barcelona, Madrid, Rome, Florence, Venice and Paris.

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