Visual arts and decorating masterclasses are open to all levels of experience and expertise, though generally they are designed for those who possess some degree of proficiency. The literary masterclasses are designed for those with some writing experience and/or a sense of writing as vocation. This does not mean that you need to have been published to participate. For photo-reportage masterclasses, participants should possess all necessary equipment, including a laptop for editing, and have good working knowledge of photo-editing software. In most cases, sessions will be conducted in English. There is no upper or lower age limit. Any deviations from these general conditions are noted in the individual masterclass descriptions.

Applicants to visual arts or photography workshops or masterclasses need not submit a CV unless you feel it is relevant to your application, but we would like to see a pdf showing your artwork or photography.

Deadlines for application are noted in the the individual masterclass descriptions. Please note that the sooner you apply the better, for not only are places limited in each class, but during the summer months accommodation is highly sought after.

Your application will be evaluated by the teacher of the masterclass you wish to attend. You will receive a reply no later than three weeks after we have received your application. Once accepted, your teacher will communicate with you directly to supply you with a reading list and any other requirements.

Apply to the masterclass(es) of your choice by supplying the following:

Demande d'inscription aux masterclass / Masterclass Application

  • サポートしているファイルタイプ: doc, docx, pdf, 最大ファイルサイズ:4 MB.
    permitted file types: doc, docx, pdf
  • サポートしているファイルタイプ: doc, docx, pdf, 最大ファイルサイズ:2 MB.
    Pour les stages d'écriture, merci de présenter 1000 mots de votre écriture. / For writing masterclasses, please send a writing sample of 1000 words (this need not be the writing you wish to work on in the masterclass). permitted file types: doc, docx, pdf


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