La Porte Peinte masterclasses, workshops and classes will be held at La Porte Peinte Centre for the Arts in Noyers sur Serein.


For each masterclass, five taught sessions of three hours each will be scheduled in either mornings or afternoons from Monday to Friday, leaving the rest of each day for individual work and for consultations with tutors.

In weeks in which two masterclasses are scheduled, one will be held in the morning and the other in the afternoon. Although the schedule for each masterclass is designed to allow for substantial individual work time, it will be possible for zealous students to participate in two workshops during one week. Students should take note that their individual work time will be reduced accordingly.

Class size will be limited to a maximum of 12 participants.


Tuition for each class is detailed in the class description. For the masterclasses, the full tuition is payable within one month of acceptance. For weekend and one-day classes, a place may be reserved up to two weeks before the class with a nonrefundable deposit of 30% of the total fee, with the balance to be paid when the class begins. The tuition fee does not include transportation, accommodation, or food. Payment methods will be outlined when you receive word that you have been accepted.


If booked as part of the masterclass package (tuition and accommodation) La Porte Peinte offers rooms at preferential rates to masterclass participants. These rooms are made available on a first come, first served basis. Those planning to stay elsewhere are advised to book accommodation within the village of Noyers sur Serein or its very near environs. Because this part of Burgundy is a popular summer destination, we would suggest securing bookings as early as possible. Please contact us for more complete information on B & Bs, hotels, and self-catering facilities in the village and surrounding area.

Further information on LPP accommodation is available in the Accommodations & Facilities and B & B sections of this site.


There is extremely limited public transport to or from Noyers sur Serein. Between mid-July and late August an inexpensive shuttle service is available several times a day between Noyers, Tonnerre and other nearby towns; this shuttle service is timed to coincide with some of the Tonnerre-Paris trains. The taxis that serve the train stations at Tonnerre and Montbard must be booked in advance; there are no taxis waiting at either station.

The village itself is very small; if you are staying within the village you will have no need of a vehicle unless you plan to explore the region. If you are not staying within the village of Noyers sur Serein you will wish to have a car. Rental cars are available at the Paris airports and also in the town of Montbard.

Further information is available in the Visit section of this site.


Class participants have access to the kitchen and dining room at La Porte Peinte. When a group wishes, it is possible to arrange a cook for breakfast and other meals. There are also several excellent restaurants in the village, with prices to suit every budget, along with café-bars, food stores, wine shops, a bakery, and an esteemed butcher shop and deli. The village market takes place on Wednesday mornings, with organic produce available. Beyond the village, exploration pays off: there are numerous good restaurants, wineries, and cheese producers in the immediate vicinity of Noyers. Chablis is 15 minutes away.



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