Quotidiæn, Histoire Naturelle de la Vie de Tous les Jours


everyday life: one sleeps. one dreams. one awakens. gets up. washes. looks at oneself in the mirror. gets dressed. one prepares food. one eats. drinks. washes the dishes. one speaks with others. embraces somebody. one gives water to plants. reads a book. folds a newspaper. one plays cards. works on a computer. one works in the garden. writes. paints. runs. jumps. one caresses an animal. one drives a car. one runs errands. one buys something. one carries things. one puts things down. one puts away the shopping. one admires the clouds. one goes out into the sunshine. one thinks about nature. one thinks about the planet. one eats. one sleeps.


Evolving over time between February 22, 2014 and December 30, 2015quotidiæn is an investigation of the everyday in which invited designers, artists, makers and chefs make daily life a playground for creative interrogations and turn fresh attention to the elements that underpin survival. Slowly evolving exhibitions are punctuated by events and talks and gatherings at the table, where your meal is served.

Read Danielle Rubi-Dentzel’s article on the quotidiæn Alchemica meal from her wonderful gastro-travel blog The Trail of Crumbs.

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Vines showing the installation Neo-Vanitas (Michelle Anderson Binczak and Rod DeWeese)

by Jonny Sender

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