Application deadline 22 May 2019

We are thrilled to announce the launch of an à-la-carte two-phase residency in partnership with L’AiR Arts in Paris. Set to take place in Noyers sur Serein and Paris, artists in residence will devote between two and four weeks to focused creative practice at La Porte Peinte Centre pour les Arts, to be followed by a move to Paris to join L’AiR Arts for a stimulating two-week research phase. The idea is to facilitate intensive, well-rounded immersion, extending all aspects of one’s art practice: first a dedicated focus on practice and production in unusually inspiring and supportive surroundings, followed by in-depth exploration of the Paris art world, from the storied art sites of the city to encounters with artists, gallerists and other art professionals working in Paris today. Open studios may be held in both Noyers and Paris.

La Porte Peinte’s primary aim is to provide artists in residence with a sanctuary for creative practice. Quiet time and suitable private work-space are seen as fundamental to this aim; inspiring surroundings, serendipitous encounters, and constructive critical support play an important role as well. While most LPP residencies are self-directed, we also offer mentored residencies and are well equipped to work with both emerging and established artists. The Noyers sur Serein phase of this residency will be all about devotion to the creative work, getting it going and letting it flow. 

The Paris-based phase of this residency is designed to enable participants to evaluate their individual places as artists and situate their artistic exploration and practice within both the historical and contemporary context of art production and dissemination in Paris. The immersive two-week artist residency phase offers a stimulating experience of intercultural exchange, research and professional development. Artists have an opportunity to build lasting connections with fellow residents and expand their network of Paris-based arts professionals and organisations. See here for further information on the L’Air Arts phase. 

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