Kwang Woo Kim, land artist and sculptor from Korea, was in residence at La Porte Peinte in winter of 2015, when he created a powerful installation in the ancient wash-house at Noyers sur Serein.

Kwang Woo Kim

My interest is in the coexistence between human and nature and human and human, based on traditional thought, philosophy, and viewpoints found in east Asia. For my site-specific installation projects, my approach starts with research, sensibility, locality, intuition, space, and nature, in reality or in history. The subject of emptiness is central, in a practice rooted in a state of meditation and a calm search for simplicity in the work. The process of the work places an importance on the body and on physical labor. Then it might reach for aesthetic adventure, the language of the body, and resulting in a document of the encounter between human and nature. I seek a time-specific site as my initial decision when I embark on a work. For a few years, I have created work for my Way Project, with works placed at different sites. A primary aim of the residency project is to explore contemporary ecological community in both western and eastern civilization.