Lindsay is a 24-year-old Canadian singer-songwriter striving for depth through simplicity in her music. Frequently compared to Joni Mitchell, Kupser’s major influences range from Sufjan Stevens to John Mayer. She describes her music as “quiet singer-songwriter” and has delved deep into simplistic and live sounds through minimal instrumentation on her newest recording, Quiet Songs, which features Alec Watson of Absolute Paradise and Ethan T. Parcell of Vesper Chimes. Kupser attended the prestigious Berklee College of Music on scholarship where she studied Jazz Composition and Performance. She graduated in December of 2013 and shortly thereafter recorded and released her first EP The Boston EP. The album’s special guests included bass player Brittany Karlson of The Goodbye Girls and Canadian banjo player Allison de Groot of Oh My Darling. In March of 2015 Kupser released her second EP, the  minimalist Quiet Songs. Exploring themes of love, loss, loneliness, and insecurity, Quiet Songs has connected with listeners in a deep way, gaining Kupser countless fans. In October of 2015 Kupser was nominated for a Toronto Independent Music Award, and her live four-song studio session was released on independent music powerhouse website Daytrotter. She has performed extensively throughout Western Canada, the New York and New England areas. Lindsay Kupser spent two months at La Porte Peinte in early 2016; during her residency she worked on creating new music and she also spent time painting.

Praise for Lindsay Kupser’s Music:

…unrestrained emotion from a natural talent who resonates a godly prowess.  Jaded Culture

Her songs are soothing, gentle, lyrically filled of compelling tales and allows the listener to relax and float within the subconscious of their own mind.  Womanhood Now

…five tracks that walk the line between poetry and lullaby… She is a skilled poetic writer with a lovely voice and an ear for a calm melody.  Audio Femme

She is a true artist with the capability to take a piece of your soul out and show it to you.  Artist View Blog

There is not one bad song on the album.  AXS

Quiet Songs is a lesson in artistry over extravagance and it’s most welcomed.  Right Chord Music UK