Open Call for Exhibition

The Between : Entre Chien et Loup

“Entre chien et loup” is a multi-layered French expression used to describe a specific time of day just before the night when the light is so dim you can’t distinguish between a dog and a wolf, the time just after sunset and before the darkness of night. We are in the world of twilight, dusk, the witching hour, the mysterious realm of the gloaming. It is the transitional time between night and day, when one’s eyes play tricks, when what seems may not be what is. There is a sense of danger and of uncertainty, of transition. The light is almost tangibly grainy, and changing quickly. Shadows deepen. The known world slips away.

Conceptually we are interested in the liminality expressed by the phrase.   

On the most essential level, it is about light and chiaroscuro, about a threshold between states. By extension, the dissolution of the boundary between the familiar and the unknown, danger and safety, the domestic and the wild, the uncertain, highly charged threshold between hope and fear, beauty and terror. The terrain encompasses notions of woman as both dangerous and endangered, the tropes of fairy tales, the Middle Ages, the looming new Dark Ages, the forest as symbolic zone of shifting realities, the wolf as representative of the dangerous wild, magic, getting lost, the unknowability of the dream state. 

Accepted work will be shown for one year. All mediums will be considered, including not only 2D and 3D visual art, but installations, immersive work, writing, music and performance. Submission deadline 1 December 2019.

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