La Porte Peinte is first and foremost a residency centre, a haven and sanctuary for creative work. A residency here is designed to enable creative exploration, concentrated work and exchange in an inspiring and supportive environment.

La Porte Peinte USA, as a non-profit branch of the larger LPP project, aims to widen the field of opportunity to increase diversity, with a focus on individuals or groups who might otherwise lack access to such resources, e.g., artists affected by war, natural disasters, economic hardship or any form of discrimination. LPP USA aims to actively seek out such artists wherever in the world they may be, and to extend support to them through residencies, masterclasses, collaborations, or exhibitions. Areas of specific focus include film, photographic and written reportage that promotes global awareness and understanding; applied art that brings traditional techniques together with contemporary concerns, materials and methods; sustainable design; creative work by women; emerging artists of all ages; and African, Haitian, and Latin American practitioners, among others.

If an artist in residence wishes to learn about traditional materials and methods of art or craft, or to collaborate with an artist or maker from the local community, we will make introductions and facilitate arrangements. If an artist requires only solitude and optimal working conditions, we provide both.

In addition to the opportunity to work with total focus on individual creative practice, an important feature of our programme is the chance to connect with the local community via our gallery, workshops, events, and tea room. Where appropriate for an individual’s practice and project, we can sponsor in situ shows and events.

For emerging artists, the opportunity to engage in the complete artistic life cycle of concept > production > presentation > sale via a show in the gallery is one that can be both motivating and inspiring. Beyond this, an essential aim at LPP is to generate creative community, one intrinsically planted within the dynamic community of the modern-medieval village of Noyers sur Serein, which itself sits harmoniously in the pastoral landscape of northern Burgundy.

We welcome artists, performers, writers, musicians, filmmakers, photographers, and creative thinkers. Collaborative groups and partnerships are welcome to apply. Our physical resources include private studios appropriate for painting or sculpture, outdoor covered spaces, and several small indoor spaces that lend themselves to writing. We have a simple analog photography darkroom. For those who wish to explore locally available materials and technologies, these resources include limestone and lime plaster, iron, pigments, clays from the Puisaye area, and oak.

At La Porte Peinte, in addition to our core self-directed residency programme, we offer individually tailored mentored residencies for artists of any age.

La Porte Peinte is now accepting applications for residencies for 1 July through 31 October 2024, and for 1 May through 31 October 2025. While we now have only limited availability in some months in 2024, we do sometimes get cancellations or postponements, so it doesn’t hurt to apply. We accept applications on a rolling basis, but for those artists who intend to apply for grants to cover residency costs, we recommend allowing adequate lead time. Please do check with us before applying if you are limited to a specific time period, so we can let you know if there is still space.


We will consider residency proposals of any length between two weeks and six months, along with the occasional year-long residency. Creative retreats and short stays are also possible.


We do not offer visa sponsorship, so those from countries outside the EU must make sure that the length of a proposed residency falls within the period of presence in France authorised by a tourist visa.


An artist-in-residence may be accompanied by a non-working partner with payment of a supplementary fee. Working partners or other collaborators should apply using the individual application form.


The cost for a residency in 2024 is €2100, €2400, €2700, or €2900 per person per month*. The difference in cost is linked to the size of the accommodation. The fee includes all utilities costs, accommodation, studio space, use of the well-equipped and spacious communal kitchen and laundry facilities, wireless internet and printer.

*Contact us for information on costs for periods of less than a month; the shorter the stay, the higher the per diem cost.

€2100: Accommodation is a small room with bed, private bathroom with shower and sink, and shared toilet in the hall. We have one tatami room (with a Western-style bed) in this category. Rooms: Unicorne & Zebre (tatami room)

€2400: Accommodation is a large room with double bed or two twin beds, wardrobe, desk, private bathroom with shower and sink, and shared toilet in the hall. Room: Phoenix

€2700: Accommodation is a large room with double bed, wardrobe, private bathroom with shower, small French-style sabot bathtub, sink, and private toilet. Room: Dragon

€2900: Accommodation is a larger room with double bed, chest of drawers, table, sofa, coffee table, private shower and full-length bathtub, and private toilet. Room: Salamandre

All the rooms are charming, comfortable, and get plenty of light.

The fee for working partners sharing a bedroom will be determined according to the need for separate or shared studio space.

Most residencies are not subsidised , so all costs must be borne by the artist-in-residence. However, we do attempt to raise money to help with fees for those who have been accepted but who would not otherwise be able to attend. Every season we offer at least one fully subsidised residency (covering residency fees but offering no stipend or coverage of travel, food, or supplies).

We are happy to provide any advice or documentation needed by artists who wish to seek third-party grant support or other funding for a residency.


We can offer internships to student applicants who have a working knowledge of both French and English. More information on these opportunities will be supplied upon request.


For those who wish to spend short periods at La Porte Peinte in order to benefit from the creative environment but have neither a specific project nor any need of studio space and thus do not wish to submit a formal application, the rates per person per week (seven nights) are €1200, €1400, €1600, and €1800 per room. Shorter stays may be possible when space is available. Please contact us for rates for more than one person.


We have a 180 m2 gallery, and offer artists in residence the opportunity to propose exhibitions, performances, and events. Artists who speak French may also lead workshops or teach ongoing classes if this is of interest.


In this village of 650, there are two food-stores, a weekly market, a butcher with deli, a baker, four cafés and five excellent restaurants. There is an excellent library with an extensive music and film collection, along with a good selection of books. There is also a thriving community of artists and craftspeople working in a wide range of media.

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