Capturing the Story with Jon Lee Anderson

The first La Porte Peinte masterclasses were held in the summer of 2012. With tuition in writing, photography, filmmaking, fine art, design, craft, and artisanal food, our aim is to offer to participants the opportunity to work closely with accomplished professionals in small and intimate groups, in a spirit of community and focused exploration. We wish to nurture creative practice by applying an innovative, experimental and technically-grounded approach to artistic expression that unites the contemporary with the classical. And in this modern-medieval village we are well-placed to embrace the future even as we respect the past, by exploring the creative possibilities of putting new technologies together with time-honoured traditional materials and methods, whether it be in the field of cuisine, fashion, music, art, design or craft.

With one of our aims being the exploration and development of new entrepreneurial approaches to the art life, workshops may culminate in private or public performances, readings, and exhibitions. And we are open to ideas: we will consider creating workshops to suit students’ specific schedules and interests, and are delighted to work with tutors with existing followings who wish to propose workshops.

We are pleased to observe that those who have participated in masterclasses at LPP have not only experienced inspiration and support, but enduring bonds of community with their teachers and fellow apprentices.

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